Purple Fashion

[January 4 2024]

“MARGIELA: IN THE VOID,” an exhibition presented at The Parodi Costume Collection in Miami, co-curated with Byronesque.


The exhibition presents a collection of archive Margiela pieces that form a narrative around the idea of voids. The looks are deliberately incomplete and displayed in a chaotic manner: heels come without the shoes, clothes are lying on the floor and some are wrapped in plastic bags… This curation creates a narrative and highlights the stories and theories behind them. The exhibition dives into a more evanescent narrative in which gaps must remain to embrace the whole, celebrating Martin Margiela’s famously absent persona.

“MARGIELA: IN THE VOID” is on view until April 5th, 2024 at the Parodi Costume Collection, Miami.

Photography by David Gary Lloyd, text by Ewen Giunta

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