Purple Art

[May 20 2016]

Lisa Signorini “We Discussed In Disgust” solo exhibition at Galerie Jacques De Vos, Paris

Lisa Signorini senses all the details surrounding her, bringing them together in her art pieces. Her work plunges us into her universe and her subconscious, where familiar figures are entangled with organic, abstract forms and silky textures. Between imagination and reality, violence and sweetness, her work deals with several topics, such as childhood, sexuality, love, gender; and is inviting us to dream. Nevertheless, in spite of its incredible beauty and aestheticism, Signorini’s work doesn’t make any stand, leaving the viewer free to interpret.

On view until May 28th, 2016, at Galerie Jacques De Vos7 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris.

Text and photo Inès Manai

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