Purple Art

[November 21 2021]

“Day Density,” an exhibiton by Alicja Kwade at Kamel Mennour, Paris

Polish Artist Alicja Kwade began a career characterised by the disposition of elements either simple or lending themselves to greater complexities: laid out on the floor, suspended from the ceiling, embracing a third dimension or starkly on show, hanging on the wall. What these components offer the eye is a physical reality generated by a process of transmutation. Anxious to maintain a link with prosaic things, Kwade strives for a visible traceability with the objects or motifs, often close to hand, as well as with the materials (like gold, lead, copper) on which she has set her sights. In this exhibition, Kwade summons up Time and Space in her sculptures. The copper funnels trace vectors defining a three-dimensional reality and, of course, evoke instruments which are creating music through the vibration of their resonant bodies.

On view now until 27 November 2021 at Kamel Mennour
5-6 Rue du Pont de Lodi

Photos by Olivia Ghalioungui

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