Purple Diary

[March 16 2011]

Latest News from Tokyo, part III

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Click to sign the petition to stop Hamaoka Nuclear Electric Plants

I just arrived in Japan this afternoon from New York. The circumstances are almost desperate and still the most historical human disasters are on the way as there are 8 nuclear explosions there seems almost no way to stop (Japanese Military gave up making action today). But still, Japanese beaurocrats who built 55 Nuclear Reactors throughout Japan oppose changing the course of society and remain operating Hamaoka Nuclear Plants (with 4 reactors) less than 200 km away from Tokyo where just yesterday a 6.4 earthquake happened. Thank you very much for signing on the petition if you agree. We have 3 hours to go for gathering signatures (New York Time 6 pm today – 11 pm tonight. Your participation may help to save Tokyo and Japan! Also please free to forward this message.

All the best,

Noritoshi Hirakawa

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