Purple Art

[April 26 2012]

LA CURA WITH 12.29 BY STUDIO TOOGOOD at Salone Del Mobile, Milan

La Cura is a visual antidote to the chaos of Milan’s Salone del Mobile, a hospital for the senses where visitors are invited to rebalance through a series of intimate performances. On arrival, the air is filled with a bespoke scent by perfumers 12.29, Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, which is designed to capture the essence of the colour white in olfactory form. Whilst experiencing a therapeutic sound and light composition produced in collaboration with Kite & Laslett, visitors are presented with a ball of white clay to mould and shape into something that reflects their own individual expression and mood. These artworks — called The Cures — are collected at the end of each performance and clustered together in the Pavilion during the course of the week to create a collective sculpture. Photo Alessandro Maria Nacar


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