Purple Art

[November 25 2021]

“Jardín, Cocina, Basura, Cuerpo,” an exhibition by Maisie Cousins at Hilario Galguera Gallery, Mexico City

The result of a polychromatic and sensual curiosity, English artist Maisie Cousin’s photographic works embrace the mess and the chaos. Through a deliberate and lascivious manipulation of organic matter, such as insects, food, flowers, and rubbish, she creates grotesque micro-ecosystems and compositions of eroticized decay. Moving from the garden to the kitchen to rubbish and then to body, each room in the exhibition represents the cycle of life. Her alluringly violent images both attract and confront the viewer through their commentary on gluttony, food waste, and consumerism.

On view now until January 20, 2022 at Hilario Galguera Gallery
Francisco Pimentel 3, San Rafael, 06470, Mexico City

Photos and words by Aleph Molinari

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