Purple Art

[February 13 2015]

Jack Pierson “Paintings” exhibition at Maccarone Gallery, New York

Jack Pierson’s exhibition Paintings, presented in collaboration with Cheim & Read at Maccarone Gallery, showcases large-scale acrylic paintings appropriated from stills the photographer shot between 1997 and 2002. The artwork, culled from past series including “Hang On To Your Ego” and from archives of never-before-seen collections, was executed with the employment of a four-color billboard printing process – at the time a cutting-edge technique. The transference of photographic imagery to canvas oscillates in its clarity and topically the exhibit also ranges, from the seemingly mundane, such as a fuchsia amalgamation of spilled tea and wax, to the extremely intimate: an abstracted male in the act of frenzied masturbation. Paintings is on view  until the March 7th at Maccarone Gallery, 630 Greenwich Street, New York.

Text and Photo Paige Silveria

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