Purple Art

[August 31 2020]


This summer, MAMO and Ora Ito invited Invader to work from Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse, as the artist planned and implemented his installation of unique works throughout the city of Marseille.

Inside the arts center, you’ll find maps, drawings, tools, masks and costumes: the exhibition immerses the viewer in Invader’s thought process as they prepared for their invasion of the city. Through his concept of “urban acupuncture” the strategic placement of the original works from the Calanques, to the Old port, to the Notre-Dame de la Garde and beyond offers viewers an exploration of France’s second largest city.

The exhibition is free of charge and open now, ‪until the 11th of November‬. “Invasion maps” will soon be available on the spaceshop to aid you in your search for the artworks.

Photos by Olivier Amsellem

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