Purple Art

[October 22 2021]

“I am Silver,” an exhibition by Lotta Antonsson at Dorothée Nilsson Gallery, Berlin

Swedish artist Lotta Antonsson’s first solo exhibition explores the search for one’s own or the constructed identity. Antonsson complements vintage photographs from her archive with natural materials such as shells, driftwood and gemstones in her collages. The exhibition title is based on the poem The Mirror (1960) by Sylvia Plath, who – Antonsson – uses mirror symbolism as a metaphor for a search for identity. She examines the historical and photographic representation, the objectification of women, and the male gaze under formal and psychological aspects. A recurring theme in her work has involved feminist perspectives reconstructing cultural treatment of the female body in particular. 

On view now until 30 October 2021 at Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Potsdamer Str. 65, 10785 Berlin

Photos by Teresa Ciocia

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