Purple Art

[October 20 2022]

“HUMPTY DUMPTY” an exhibition by Cyprien Gaillard at Layette Anticipations and Palais de Tokyo

HUMPTY \ DUMPTY by Cyprien Gaillard is an exhibition in two chapters, presented at the same time at Lafayette Anticipations and the Palais de Tokyo.

Taking place from 19/10/23 to 08/01/23.
At Lafayette Anticipations, Cyprien Gaillard is giving new life to a work that has fallen into oblivion. Jacques Monestier’s automaton Le Défenseur du Temps, a unique clock, is a monumental sculpture installed since 1979 in the heart of Paris. It’s last movements took place in 2003, and it has since been abandoned to the effects of time. For this exhibition, Cyprien Gaillard is working on its rebirth. At the end of the exhibition, Le Défenseur du Temps will be reinstalled, renovated, in its original location.

At the Palais de Tokyo, HUMPTYDUMPTY brings together a selection of works that have never been shown before in France, as well as those of guest artists. Through the relationship between the body and architecture, abandoned territories and evocations of war, Gaillard paints a portrait of our link to collapse and reconstruction. The obsession with the preservation of beings and the conservation of things is revealed.Curatored by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel


Photos by Olivier Zahm

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