Purple Art

[November 18 2016]

“Gucci 4 Rooms” Project in Tokyo is an artistic exploration of Brand’s New Identity

“Gucci 4 Rooms” is the brand’s latest art project pushing the creative boundaries and offering new interpretations of the eclectic spirit conceived by Alessandro Michele. In collaboration with three Japanese artists, Gucci takes off to Tokyo and opens the door to alternative spaces that reflect its universe. One can trace the botanical references in the Herbarium Room by Chiharu Shiota and Gucci Garden Room by Mr., while the Gucci Words Room by Daito Manabe decodes brand’s new language and slogans. The final part of the project takes form of a hidden installation by a Brooklyn-based artist and Gucci‘s frequent partner in crime, Trouble Andrew. Each space features the special creations from the Fall/Winter 2016 and Cruise 2017 collection, available exclusively in Japan. To accompany the artistic venture, the concept has been re-created on a smaller scale on the 7th floor of Gucci Ginza flagship store, alongside the opening of the Elephant Room designed by Trouble Andrew at Dover Street Market Ginza.

Running until November 30th, you can plunge into the surreal Gucci world via a video game launched for the occasion. Check it out here .

Photo Yosuke Demukai

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