Purple Art

[July 18 2022]

“God with Revolver,” Rene Ricard’s book, launch at Mast Books, New York City

“God with Revolver,” is a poetry book by Rene Ricard translated by Manon Lutanie and Rachel Valinsky

Growing up in a troubled environment, Ricard packed his bags for New york when he was eighteen, and never left. There, he wrote two major collections of poetry, acted in several films –he was a close collaborator of Andy Warhol– and wrote essays, some of which were pivotal in the launch of the careers of artists such as Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This collection of poems, originally published in 1989, centers around the dramatic experience of heartbreak, described with the raw honesty and humor characteristic of Ricard.

Photos by Ava Perman

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