Purple Art

[December 18 2015]

Giovanni Leonardo Bassan “Martyrdoms” exhibition opening at Mine, Dubai

The works of Giovanni Leonardo Bassan are one thought stemmed from the past that travels ineluctably to the present and that with great power and a soupçon of violence, calls back into question our identity and our responsibilities as human beings. “Martyrdom tells us of what we were and what we have become, of the heroes from the past and the contemporary ones. It sanctifies the reactionaries and shakes those who turn looking through a cry to the realization and liberation. Between figurative and abstract, the characters stand on neutral backgrounds to emphasize even more incisive the urgency of a collective awakening,” said Bassan. “Gold, the only noble material, is accompanied by brutal materials, inviting us to review priorities and reconsider the essentials.”

Text Giada Bucciarelli and photo Alvaro Colom

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