Purple Art

[November 9 2013]

Gilles Bonnecarrère’s “Male dancers wanted (experience not necessary)” book is out now

At the age of twenty three Gilles Bonnecarrère was living in New York, it was 1976 and his house that was wedged between two large buildings on Water Street had just burned down, leaving him with a handful of belongings. His salvation came in the form of the publication Village Voice, within it was the ad ‘Male Dancers Wanted (Experience Not Necessary).’ This publication contains Gilles Bonnecarrère’s previously unpublished black and white photographs that capture his entrance into the underground world of go-go dancing and the other dancers he befriends whilst there. Male dancers wanted (experience not necessary) is a collection of previously unpublished photographs taken in a strip club in New York in 1976. Photo Gilles Bonnecarrère

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