Purple Art

[March 21 2017]

Gardar Eide Einarsson and Oscar Tuazon’s exhibition at Maureen Paley, London

This new exhibition at Maureen Paley brings together Oscar Tuazon, born in 1975 in America and Gardar Eide Einarsson born in 1976 in Norway. Having known each other for more than fifteen years, the will to create dialogues, and then attach new meaning to subjects through their work has been the triggering component to this collaborative exhibition.

Gardar Eide Einarsson has shown a keen interest in visuals, that he extracts from their various original contexts such as advertisements, CIA and software manuals, books and comics among others to make them converse. Resulting in canvases showing abstract shapes and a color palette often limited to dark tones. The heavy meaning imagery that he uses helps him deepen his exploration and confrontation to subjects like authority and its representations in our modern society.

Oscar Tuazon’s work can be linked to architecture as well as Art.
His sculptures are disrupting elements to the physical structure of the spaces they occupy. Rather than letting the location dictate some kind of spatial order, the assembly of material brought together in his works impose their will and seek to create new laws and new spaces within the one in which they are present. Using a wide range of material like wood, concrete, aluminium and glass in his work, Tuazon highlights the possibilities of communication generated by the association of different components in complex sculptures.

On view until April 23rd at Maureen Paley, 21 Herald Street, London.

Text and photo Clovis Bataille

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