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[September 8 2015]

Fiorucci Art Trust presents “Volcano Extravaganza: In Favour of a Total Eclipse” curated by Milovan Farronato, Stromboli

After a 4am car, plane, coach, and ferry, I finally rest my eyes on the sea horizon, 12 hours later. It always takes long time to get to special places. Stromboli is one of them (if not the most special one). Black sand, deep sea, an active volcano, and the fifth edition of “Volcano Extravaganza,”  a yearly festival of contemporary art presented by Fiorucci Art Trust. Under the title “In Favour of a Total Eclipse” curator Milovan Farronato adapted a prophetic manuscript, whose author remains unknown, and presented a new series of artist’s projects taking place in the most hidden spots and unforeseeable locations of the volcanic island. The programme began with the new moon on the Friday July 17th and lasted until July27th , the peak of the Delta Aquarius meteor shower.

The active volcano and unlit landscape of Stromboli became stage for what was planned to happen. Nicoletta Fiorucci, collector of contemporary art, supporter of museums and cultural organizations, and founder of Fiorucci Art Trust, hosted the first event. This event took place at her house, a house that cuts in cold, hardened lava blobs, so close to the sea that you can hear waves breaking on the walls, and first row seats on the blue horizon swallowing sun, before the new moon is being born. Ritualistic food feast by Michal Gnilka, screening of Kenneth Anger’s film “Lucifer Rising” in the natural cinema, followed by paradoxical sound frequencies, atmospherical ionisation, stroboscopic effects, augmented realities, and a live volcano by Brian Butler. Dress code: I can’t see you.

3 hours walk and 850 metres above the sea level. “Abstracting Attraction” by Mathilde Rosier took place at the top of the volcano, between sunset and the moonrise, night and the lava, cold wind and a mouth full of sand, magic and the abyss. How special it is to walk the slope of an active volcano. How special it is to have a glass of whiskey with paper cocktail umbrella 300 metres away from the bursting lava. How special it is to be so close to the hot centre of the earth. And how very special it is to see two dancers in the echo of tam-tam and Mathilde Rosier’s voice: “Who am I? I am the abyss. The bottom of my soul has so much depth. Neither joy nor the waves of sorrow can reach it. I am bliss. Who am ? I am the abyss…” Dress code: two become one.

“Quick Fix Remix” by Raphael Hefti. Live Thermite welding on the darkest shores of Stromboli that could be reached only by boat. The beach dunes of black sand were changed into mini volcanic mountains with fire and hot metal sliding down the slope. Dress code: Slippery slope.

Marina Abramović spent five years on Stromboli, before passing on her home to the Fiorucci Art Trust. Abramović’s house, that has been one of the venues of the programme in the past, welcomed participants for daily sessions of yoga under the shadow of the garden with a direct view of the volcano.

Photo Sasa Stucin

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