Purple Fashion

[July 30 2015]

Exclusive: Kirsten Owen at her house in 2001 in Surrey, England

In 2001 I did a personal unpublished project with model and friend Kirsten Owen at her house in Surrey, documenting her wearing every bit of ‘free’ clothing she had ever been given. Whether from a designer as a gift and payment for doing a show, from friends such as Stella Tennant, or from her mother who weaves and makes clothes, she had been given so much that it formed the basis of her style. Kirsten always dressed the same, then and now, very Kirsten, a unique art and crafts style combined with highly covetable vintage pieces from Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs and Yohji Yamamoto, to name a few. I guess in a way this is a biographical fashion story.

Text and photo Paulo Sutch

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