Purple Diary

[September 28 2012]

Dominque Issermann’s “Moments Of ” for Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen asked Dominique Issermann to produce 8 video clips inspired by the album Old Ideas. His idea was to shoot 8 Moments for each of them the clips were entirely filmed with on IPhone. For Moments of Dominique Isserman wanted to include places that everybody has seen, classic places that are recurrent in our memories, her two nieces Anne Isserman who was filmed for Amen and Marie Issermann being shot for Crazy in her shower and her garden, in her house, Anne Rohart, one of Dominique’s muses was filmed in her appartement for Lullaby, Susie Bick Cave, another one of Dominique’s favorites model who is now married to Nick Cave, was shot in her garden in Brighton for “Darkness”, Katrin Bremermann the artist and painter, dived in the cold sea in Trouville on New Year’s Eve for Different Sides, Ara Starck, artist and singer of the band The Two and daughter of Philippe Starck, is having a tea at the coffee shop on her local street corner for Anyhow, Leonard Cohen himself is filmed going to bed for Show me the place in the hotel where he was staying in Paris for his promotion Tour. Going Home is a collage of Leonard Cohen pictures taken by Dominique Issermann from 1982. Issermann says “It’s a family affair taking place in familiar places…” Dominique has previously shot 2 video clips for Leonard Cohen: Dance me to the end of love and First we take Manhattan. The whole album I’m your man is dedicated to Dominique Issermann.


Leonard Cohen has just commenced a new tour and will be performing in Paris at L’Olympia on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September 2012.

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