Purple Art

[January 30 2017]

“Divided States of America” a group exhibition at The LGBT Community Center, New York

Given the highly divisive rhetoric that dominated the past presidential election cycle, “Divided States of America” was organized in the spirit of unification in the face of adversity. The exhibition, which is curated by Alison M. Gingeras, Stuart Comer and Ariella Wolens, alongside Robb Leigh Davis, showcases a wide range of artists whose work resists the calls for division, exclusion and regression in our current era.

The show includes work by several pioneering figures whose political art practices have served as important oppositional voices in past periods of crisis. Artists include Donald Moffett and Marlene McCarty from the AIDS and homophobia advocacy collective Grand Fury, longtime women’s rights activist Marilyn Minter, and politically engaged artists such as Lizzi Bougatsos, Jonathan Horowitz, Jessica Craig Martin, Ryan McNamara, Bjarne Melgaard, Donald Moffett, Rob Pruitt, Collier Schorr, Betty Tompkins, and more.

On view until March 10th, at The LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th Street, New York

Photo Jimmy Tagliaferri

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