Purple Art

[April 13 2022]

“Deana Lawson,” an exhibition at MoMA PS1, New York

With more than fifty photographs produced over sixteen years of work, this exhibition exalts what Deana Lawson herself calls “the majesty of Black life, a nuanced Black life, one that is by far more complex, deep, beautiful, celebratory, tragic, weird, strange.” Taken from cities across Africa and the diaspora, the highly staged yet strikingly raw images entwine themes of family, love and desire, accentuating the grey area that exists between the truth of a photograph and the art that goes in making one.

Photos courtesy of Deana Lawson.

On view from April 14th until September 5th at MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Avenue Long Island City, Queens

Photos by Deana Lawson

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