Purple Art

[December 13 2021]

“Daisies,” an exhibition curated by Paige Silveria at The Standard, Miami

Daises is a site-specific pop-up exhibition series highlighting artwork and performances by international artists. This edition featured 41 artists during Art Basel, Miami from November 30 to December 5, 2021.

The works featured in the show are of artists; Agusta Yr, Kai Kenyettie, Sofia Leilani,Yulissa Benitez, Frank Dorrey, Emmah Holterhoff, Carlotta Kohl, Ganna Bogdan, Zayd Latib, Gabrielle Schwan, Lukas Gansterer, Justin Hager, Bill Strobeck, Meeko, Marland Backus, JIWINAIA, Clack Waspybits, Jasmine Monsegue, B. Thom Stevenson, Sam McCurdy, Eri Wakiyama, Dreony Cuvilje, Jason Wright, Lumia Nocito, Chris Kennedy, Victoria Adrian, Marie Tomanova, Dede Lovelace, Gogy Esparza, Bond Hardware, Justin Jenkins, Kelsey Niziolek, Kate Bowman, Seth Fountain, Armando Nin, Tyler Blue Golden, Dusty, Studio Guapo x Work in Progress, Laura Watters, Toya Horiuchi, Kristine Reano-Hager and Stuart Matz.

Photos by Lukas Gansterer

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