Purple Art

[April 11 2021]

CRAUSH an exhibition by Régina Demina, at Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers

Purple is pleased to present CRAUSH, artist Regina Demina’s multimedia exhibition. Created in collaboration with Philippe Munda at the publishing house Salon du Salon and directed by Yann Chevalier, it is the start of a long-term series of projects including a photo shoot, show, and eventual book publication. The exhibition features projections of road accidents on the walls, Demina’s hit single “Couzin” playing in the background, and a love doll version of the artist lying on the floor, a reminder of unmediated human desire.

On view from February 12 to May 9, 2021 at Le Confort Moderne, 185 rue du Faubourg du Pont Neuf, 86000 Poitiers, France.

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