Purple Art

[April 8 2014]

“Coming Soon” by Design Office with Kim Gordon, Beverly Hills

Coming Soon, an exhibition by Design Office with Kim Gordon is presented this month by the Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles. The Wreath Painting series was created at Rudolf Schindler‘s Fitzpatrick-Leland House, a Modernist model home that was built in the mid-’30s to promote the housing economy. The series employs decorative folk forms as stencils to produce vertiginous color abstractions that lends itself to the cheery reference of Christmas-time as well as to that of mourning. Found throughout the house, the pieces are either carefully placed on the wall or seemingly left about the floor for subsequent completion. Coming Soon is on view by appointment only until the April 26th at the Fitzpatrick-Leland House, Los Angeles. Text Paige Silveria and photo Brad Elterman

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