Purple Art

[January 13 2017]

Che Lovelace “Paintings” exhibition at Half Gallery, New York

“The use of combined board panels to create paintings began from the practical need to find a painting support that is stable, archival, relatively inexpensive and one that I could source here in Trinidad. It was a slow process but eventually I began considering these dividing edges of the panels as a way to rethink the version of space I was making in the picture. By treating each panel as a separate entity, while simultaneously building a larger scene, I started to break up the expected sequence by which I constructed the image.” — Che Lovelace

This artist from Trinidad presents his very first solo show in New York with oil-on-panel compositions dreamy and aggressively Expressionistic, which focus on human bodies in action.

Che Lovelace “Paintings” exhibition is on view until February 11th, at Half Gallery, 43 E 78th St, New York.

Photo Bill Powers

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