Purple Diary

[February 22 2014]

Chad Moore’s book “Thirteen,” with a foreword by Jack Walls, is out now

Chad Moore‘s book “Thirteen” is now available for order through Glassine Box.

These days, photography could be anything. Anyone with a cell phone has a camera, everyone takes pictures, everything is reportage. These days, everything is thoroughly documented through the lens of a camera. A shot of open space, wispy clouds against a technicolor blue sky, a misty rain on a lonely country road, or just a smile. These days, the possibilities of photography are limitless and infinite. It’s nice to have options and Chad Moore skillfully exploits these manifold choices. His style is fluid and his unrestricted eye envelops and seizes upon these diverse picks of subject matter. There is a brash magnetism in his images that transcends into the poetic.

I see Chad’s work as free from pretensions or calculation. His photographs are not overly wrought, or laborious. They are spontaneous and raw. The pictures here contain all the dynamic fire of youth and all that is young in art. There appears to be a knee-jerk informality in the pictorial composition of these shots, evidencing the unconstrained nature of Moore’s aesthetic approach to photography. There is something automatically nostalgic about these images too, of times gone past. They have a ‘remember when’ tone. They remind us of fun loving days, of crazy romance filled nights that we still think of fondly at times, and of long ago faded summers. But here, we are left to contend with the fresh zeal of Chad Moore’s photographs that capture the now, the immediacy of today, that pushes us gallantly into the unfolding future.Jack Walls

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