Purple Art

[December 7 2015]

Boomerang “For The Toward,” New York

Steel weights fly, slide and balance in BOOMERANG’S “For the Toward”. These sculptures bring a dynamism and threat into the choreography, creating real stakes for performers MATTY DAVIS and WILL ARBERY to act with precision and care. Sparks shine off the asphalt as the dancers collide the sculptures. DAVIS’S leaps gain further momentum with the heavy weight. Alongside this volatile force is an intimate compulsion, strength and softness are both at play in “For the Toward”. The dancers caress the steel and cooperatively exchange it. They confront each other face-to-face throughout the performance. KORA RADELLA’S choreography navigates both physical and inter-subjective space, presenting a spectrum of compassion, curiosity and conflict. “For The Toward” was shown in three guerrilla style locations: under the BQE, at Transmitter Park and in Tompkins Square Park.

Text and Photo Elise Gallant

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