Purple Art

[April 12 2022]

“Bonnes Nouvelles,” an exhibition by Pascale Marthine Tayou, and “Metanova,” an exhibition by Paloma Vauthier at Galleria Continua, Paris

After fourteen months of refurbishment, Galleria Continua celebrates its inauguration with the opening of two new exhibitions. The first is Pascale Marthine Tayou’s principal solo exhibition, “Bonnes Nouvelles (Good News).” A collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos covering three floors of exhibition space, Tayou draws on his experiences growing up in Cameroon to recreate its vibrancy and rhythm. By engaging with everyday objects –plastic straws take a lead role in the exhibition, as do towels and coloured glass– Tayou places his inner experiences central, thereby questioning the weight of his African heritage and the expectations that come with it. 

The second exhibition, “Metanova,” by Paloma Vauthier, marks the inauguration of Carte Blanche, a new exhibition space aimed at providing emerging artists with a platform to showcase their talent. Presenting a collection of photographs and video installations, “Metanova” captures the inner world of pole dancers, accentuating its stigma and beauty. 

“Bonnes Nouvelles” is on view now until June 1st at Galleria Continua, “Metanova” is on view now until May 7th. Both at Galleria Continua, 87 rue du Temple, Paris 


Photos by Phan Võ

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