Purple Art

[April 19 2018]

Bernhard Schobinger solo exhibition at Studio Turi Simeti, Milan

The studio of Italian painter Turi Simeti is currently open to the public exceptionally for Bernhard Schobinger‘s first solo exhibition in Milan.

The exhibition, presented by Martina Simeti, will display 40 never-before-seen works by the Swiss jeweler, that demonstrate the artist’s fascination in which one can have depths of conceptual, poetic, symbolic, formal, and sensorial levels. Influenced by the Neo-Dada movement, Schobinger rebels from the basic principles to create art. Using items such as family photographs, necks of bottles, metals found in Lake Zurich, and sewing tools as materials, the pieces of jewelry he creates are practically miniature sculptures. While stripping the jewelry of its material value, he instead heightens its moral value in creating work of art that carry memories and enigma that transcend the object and charges it with meaning.

Bernhard Schobinger” is on view until April 21st, 2018 at Studio Turi Simeti, Via Seneca 4-6, Milan.

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