Purple Diary

[June 18 2014]

Aron Morel Books launches Willliam Blake / Patti Smith rare book tonight from 7pm at Honoré, Paris

Launching tonight from 7pm and coinciding with the 4 day exhibition at Honoré, with 2 other London based publishers Hannah Watson (Trolley) and Alix Janta-Polczynski (ADAD), is the limited edition book from Aron Morel Books: William Blake‘s “One Thought Fills Immensity” with prints by Patti Smith. This limited edition, 35 copies of the book all printed on paper over 100 years old, comes in a box set sold at €1000.

Blake was in all poet – painter – printer/publisher – dissenter – and undoubtedly a visionary rebel – a punk from bygone days! Blake is as relevant today as he was 200 years ago- be it his social dissent down to his D.I.Y ethic in the midst of the industrial revolution. This series is the closest the average person will ever get to one of William Blake‘s original self-published illuminated books – hand printed from acid-burnt coper plates, simply bound – these are essentially self-published artist books/zines echoing down the centuries. Blake’s visionary work has spilt across culture influencing artists, writers, poets, musicians, publishers for 200 years – and to celebrate this link we have the honour of the Godmother of Punk, Patti Smith including two different photographs of a life mask of William Blake! Watch the video on the books printing here.

The book launch and exhibition opens tonight from 7pm at Honoré, Galerie rue Visconti 17-19, 75006, Paris. Text and photo Aron Morel

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