Purple Fashion

[December 13 2009]

Analyse that! by Alexander McQueen

“Analyse That!”… Analyse what? What are you talking about? It’s weird to say how life affects me — as this is my life — but we all have our ups and downs — the good times the not-so-good times. The good times for me are solitary – the time for me brain to take a break, have a cup of tea, and rethink and analyse the last few… “comments”… — “seasons”…? And to decide what direction me and my life should take. Maybe I should ask my life what it wants? Maybe me and my life should get to know each other. Imagine having to spend time with my life. Shit! Life can’t half complicate matters. Feeling like you’re on a road to nowhere, trying to stay on the right path and trying not to go down the wrong corridors of life, and trying to mend things thar aren’t broken — repeatedly hitting myself over and over… “must be better!”… “Got to come up with a new vision!”… “A new hologramm blah blah blah….”

Spring Summer 2010 Mens collection Alexander McQueen

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