Purple Art

[February 22 2017]

“All Fine Figures” a group show at OSMOS Address, New York

“All Fine Figures” explores adolescent dreams, like becoming a super hero (in Peter Mix’s paintings), or a celebrity on the red carpet (in Payton Barronian’s video), within the context of today’s individualism, where things get messy and have to be done yourself. Claire Christerson presents exuberant dolls, alien and absurd. Michael Bailey-Gates explores the blue-print future of a white picket fence with playful abandon. Logan Jackson puts a sly face behind innocent childhood cartoons. Ser Serpas deconstructs romanticism. Momo Gordon images sensitive organic architecture. Curated by Kenta Murakami in collaboration with Cay-Sophie Rabinowitz, “All Fine Figures” invites a young generation of artists to explore a new world.

Text and Photo Elise Gallant

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