Purple Art

[February 21 2017]

A preview of Ren Hang’s new photobook edited by Dian Hanson and published by Taschen, out now !

“It’s not just dicks I’m interested in, I like to portray every organ in a fresh, vivid and emotional way.” — Ren Hang

The controversial 28 years old Chinese photographer Ren Hang presents his new self titled book edited by Dian Hanson and published by Taschen. The book showcases Hang’s unique style and ability to challenge taboos as the forefront of Chinese artists’ battle for creative freedom, creating a new kind of imagery where even the most explicit sexual images are connected to nature with authentic purity. Men and women become androgynous forms blurred into one, challenging the traditional perception of beauty in China.

Ren Hang’s book is now available to purchase here!

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