Purple Art

[January 13 2017]

A look inside Fred Mortagne’s New Book “Attraper Au Vol”

Fred Mortagne‘s latest publication “Attraper Au Vol” is an homage to skateboarding and street photography. The French skater, highly regarded in the skate world as French Fred, has a remarkable ability to find different perspectives and point of view on architecture and landscapes surrounding skateboarding.

“What I like about Fred’s work is that he  registers beyond the skateboard. He sees life on the streets in all its facets: be it just in a strong aesthetic or connecting to those of us who have fallen outside of the system as it is politely called. A lot of skateboarding goes on in anonymous, newly built, concrete environments that gain a certain fluidity and beauty from Fred’s eye. The landscape becomes a character and Fred manages to use it very well.” — Anton Corbijn.

“Attraper Au Vol” published by Um Yeah Arts is available to buy here.

Photo Fred Mortagne

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