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david horvitz


all artwork by DAVID HORVITZ

la-based artist david horvitz uses nature, food, writing, books, and letters as mediums for his poetic work exploring intimacy and social issues

“I want to tell you about three trees in Los Angeles. They are plumerias, a species indigenous to Central and South America that now grows around the world. In the summer, the fragrance of their flowers fills the night, attracting moths for pollination. The three trees I am telling you about grow in front of my grandmother’s house on 6th Avenue, near Jefferson Boulevard. I think of them like residents of this city, just like her — living in its boundaries, breathing its air, watching the city change over the years from where they grow. And like the trees, my grandmother’s family came from elsewhere. She moved to Los Angeles from Northern California after World War II, and afterward she was forced to live in an internment camp in eastern Colorado because of her Japanese ancestry. She has been in her house ever since”.

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Table of contents

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