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cover #11 au départ

photography by OLIVIER ZAHM

la colombe d’or, saint-paul de vence

“Among all the methods by which love is brought into being, among all the agents which disseminate that blessed bane, there are few so efficacious as the great gust of agitation which, now and then, sweeps over the human spirit. For then the creature in whose company we are seeking amusement at the moment, her lot is cast, her fate and ours decided, that is the creature whom we shall henceforward love.

It is not necessary that she should have pleased us, up till then, any more, or even as much as others.

All that is necessary is that our taste for her should become exclusive. And that condition is fulfilled so soon as — in the moment when she has failed to meet us — for the pleasure which we were on the point of enjoying in her charming company is abruptly substituted an anxious torturing desire, whose object is the creature herself, an irrational, absurd desire, which the laws of civilized society make it impossible to satisfy and difficult to assuage — the insensate, agonizing desire to possess her.”

— Marcel Proust,
Swann’s Way

Christian Sven, stylist on set — Akemi Kishida at ATOMO MANAGEMENT, hair — Kathy le Sant at CALL MY AGENT, make-up — Mohamed Ali and Marilyn Clark, photographer’s assistants — Lydia Davis, translation

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Table of contents

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