Purple Magazine

cover #6 gucci f/w 2020/21

photography by BRUCE GILDEN
art direction by OLIVIER ZAHM

“How do we love? Imagine it”

“Do you really believe you are male or female, that we are homosexual or heterosexual, intersexed or transsexual?

Do these distinctions worry you?

Do you trust them? Does the very meaning of your human identity depend on them? If you feel your throat constricting when you hear one of these words, do not silence it. It’s the multiplicity of the cosmos that is trying to pierce through your chest, as if it were the tube of a Herschel telescope.

Let me tell you that homosexuality and heterosexuality do not exist outside of a dualistic, hierarchical epistemology that aims at preserving the domination of the paterfamilias over the reproduction of life.

Homosexuality and heterosexuality, intersexuality and transsexuality do not exist outside of a colonial, capitalist epistemology, which privileges the sexual practices of reproduction as a strategy for managing the population and the reproduction of labor, but also the reproduction of the population of consumers. It is capital, not life, that is being reproduced. These categories are the map imposed by authority, not the territory of life. But if homosexuality and heterosexuality, intersexuality and transsexuality, do not exist, then who are we?

How do we love?
Imagine it.”

An Apartment on Uranus, Paul B. Preciado

Paul Hanlon, hair — Thomas de Kluyver, make-up — Jenny Longworth, manicure — Graham, Sami, Anna Gloria Anena, Johana Gavendová, Nastya Kharina, Elaine Kwok, Lamine Lo, models

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Table of contents

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