Purple Diary

[November 13 2017]

Zoë Le Ber “The Emperor” premiers at the former Perry Street Theatre in New York and on Semaine

Directed by french filmaker Zoë Le Ber, The Emperor premieres today at the former Perry Street Theatre in New York and tomorrow Tuesday 14th of November on Semaine, a weekly lifestyle platform based in London. As the name suggests, the movie is an interpretation of the Charlie Chaplin scene from The Great Dictator, “who, in dark times, brilliantly succeeded in speaking out while preserving wit and humor” said the director. Le Ber‘s version is set in an apocalyptic desert and features five women wearing Trump masks while delivering the famous speech. The clip was filmed in the heated California desert as a direct reference to America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord“So many people are being impacted by this president’s frightening policies, and as an artist, I wanted to create a film that highlights the dangers but inspires people to act.” said Zoë .
“Witnessing Trump’s attacks on women and immigrants, alongside the destruction of the planet and yet another mass shooting last week, everyone involved in The Emperor wanted to release this film while funding organizations doing the important work. It is of course a very small contribution to shake the whole castle, but I believe if we all individually and jointly take action, we will rise up.”

The movie is premiered today with the intent to also raise money for Planned Parenthood and Everytown for Gun Safety. T-shirts with written across the front “The Right to Open Arms” will be on sale from Tuesday via Semaine and the outspoken, activist brand IlegalMezcal. The shirts were printed on Everybody 100% recycled cotton shirts.

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