Purple Diary

[March 17 2011]

World’s largest nuclear park planned in India

The World’s largest nuclear park is planned in Jaitapur, in the eco-sensitive Ratnagiri district on the coast of southern Maharashtra, India. The 10 000 MW park will comprise up to six large EPR nuclear reactors bought from the French nuclear giant, Areva. In addition to the inherent hazards of nuclear power, the project threatens the livelihoods of about 10 000 farmers, fishermen and their families. On Tuesday, the government made it clear that there would be no reconsideration concerning the Jaitapur nuclear power plant in Maharashtra.

Source An article by Karuna Raina published in Times of India and Greenpeace, 29 October 2010, photo of an anti-nuclear flagline in front of a Hindu temple in Jaitapur

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