Purple Art

[July 24 2012]

“Untamed” a group show at Lux/Eros Gallery, California

Live Fast Mag teamed up with LUX / EROS Gallery to present Untamed, a group show featuring the work of Chad Muska, Jason Lee Parry, Jenn Porreca, Atiba Jefferson, Arto Saari, Ali Gallagher, Alexis Gross, Abby Wilcox, Dennis Martin, Paulo Diaz, Molly Stone, Danielle DeFoe, Justin Fry, Cody Comrie, Rick Kosick, Desanka Fasiska, Charis Kirchheimer, Kit Scarbo and Faith-Ann Young. The exhibition is open for viewing by appointment until August 10 at LUX / EROS Gallery, 2118 Lincoln Blvd, CA 90291, Los Angeles. Photo Brad Elterman

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