Purple Art

[June 20 2022]

“Unlimited,” curated by Giovanni Carmine at Art Basel 2022

Having been introduced in 2000, Art Basel’s “Unlimited” show goes beyond the traditional art fair booth, allowing galleries to showcase monumental installations, paintings and moving images. Among this year’s highlights, the show presented Huang Yong Ping’s “American Kitchen and Chinese cockroaches,” in which large, hairy cockroaches slowly yet resolutely  take over a kitchen, parodying contemporary Sino-American relations, to Lui Wei’s “Dimension,” a large-scale installatory exploration into the microbiological world invisible to the naked eye, to Andra Ursuta’s “Vandal Lust,” an installation a woman’s unsuccessful use of the catapult, as her flight is met with a hard wall of concrete. Inspired by the constraints endured under communism, the war in Ukraine recenters the piece’s relevance, questioning the limits of ‘freedom’ today.

Photos by Cassandra van Douveren

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