Purple Art

[May 20 2015]

Ulay “Irritation” solo exhibition at Neon Galéria, Budapest

To coincide with the Off-Bienniale in Budapest, the Neon Galéria presents Irritation, a solo exhibition based on Frank Uwe Laysiepens (Ulay) There is a Criminal Touch to Art, performed in 1976. The core of this 30-hour-long performance is the documentation of the public and media reactions due to the theft of Carl Spitzweg’s painting Der Arme Poet from the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin and its placement in a Turkish family’s living room in the Berlin district Kreuzberg. An art action politically motivated and relating to the immigration matter by which Ulay yelled his disappointment to social issues of Germany in 70s.

Photo Alessio Costantino and text Giulia Colletti

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