Purple Art

[December 23 2021]

“Tree and Leaf,” a group exhibition at Hannah Barry Gallery, London

This group exhibition examines how the subject of landscape presents itself in contemporary painting and sculpture. The landscape is a reality we can experience but also a place we find ourselves, be it natural, man-made or supernatural. It can be both the image and experience of creation and renewal, a symbol through which to proclaim, subvert and interrogate identity; and it can be both architect and victim of its own destruction. For artists, writers and scholars, landscape offers inspiration, solace and escape; and so much more for all who engage in the worlds of work, truth and fantasy.

The artists featured are Aaron Ford, Ádám Horváth, Alex Katz, Alfie Rouy, Allan Gardner, Bones Tan Jones, Cecily Brown, David Brian Smith, Frank Bowling, Isaac Lythgoe, Kate Bickmore, Luke Silva, Matthew Clifton, Natalia Gonzalez Martin, Shaun McDowell, Sholto Blissett, Sophia Belkin, Thom Trojanowski and Tyra Tingleff.

On view now until January 22, 2022 at Hannah Barry Gallery
4 Holly Grove, London

Photos by Damian Griffiths

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