Purple Art

[September 20 2016]

Tom Sachs “Space Program: Europa” opening and live activation at YBCA, San Francisco

Targeting Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, this expansive sculpture exhibition offers an unprecedented view into Sachs’ extraordinary artistic output and advances his quest to find extraterrestrial life with bricolaged sculptures. The exhibition will fill YBCA with everything his astronauts need to successfully complete their voyage—including the Mobile Quarantine Facility, Mission Control, the Apollo-eraLanding Exploration Module (LEM), and special equipment for conducting scientific experiments—immersing the audience in a universe of sculpture occupying the entire downstairs galleries in addition to YBCA’s public spaces.

Space Program: Europa will feature another live activation of the Europa flight plan by Sachs’ astronauts during the closing weekend. In these demonstrations, the astronauts showcase the rituals and procedures of their mission, including the cultural export of chanoyu, the ancient art of the tea ceremony.

Sachs has also created a new site-specific installation, Logjam CaféLogjam Café will be open to the public as a neighborhood coffee shop, occasional bar, and OCD rehab center, where visitors can experience firsthand the artist’s obsession with the tools of his craft.

On view until January 15th, 2017 at YBCA701 Mission Street, San Francisco.

Text YBCA and photo Johnny Le

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