Purple Art

[September 9 2021]

The re-opening of the newsstand, Edicola in Milan

Purple is pleased to celebrate the re-launch of the iconic newsstand: Edicola, Largo Treves in Milan.

After 2 years, the newsstand re-opens it’s doors to the public with a new facade. The owner, Fabrizio Prestinari has partnered up with Air Mail, a curated news platform to revamp it. Milanese street artist, Luca DiMaggio transformed it into a modern backlit urban canvas. In addition, New York based “BWArchitects”, Basil Walter & Brenda Bello also renditioned it with Art Deco inspired details. Purple is proud to be stocked by Edicola.

The reborn Edicola is open now.

Largo Claudio Treves, Milan 20121

Photos by Nicola Muro

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