Purple Art

[March 10 2022]

The launch of Irina Lazareanu’s book, “Runway Bird” at Rupture Arts & Books, Paris

“Runway Bird” features a forward written by our Editor in chief, Olivier Zahm. It is a love letter to the magical people the top model, Irina came across throughout her 20+ years in fashion. She decrypts the essence of rock ’n roll chic and shares her fashion tips to her fellow runway birds.

“There are dazzling beauties in fashion. Irina is one of them. Some pass, vanish with delight in the world of fashion images and in the air of the times, disappear with the fashion of which they were the luminous incarnation.  And then there are models like Irina that we never forget. Women whose grace, attitudes and looks do not easily disappear from a fashion world that is nevertheless saturated with images. What is Irina’s retinal persistence? It is beyond digital nostalgia and the virtuality of the present.“ – Olivier Zahm.

The book is available now for purchase here.

Photos by Rémi Desclaux

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