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[January 18 2018]

Telfar “Nude” exhibition at Spazio Maiocchi, Milan

Telfar “Nude” exhibition at Spazio Maiocchi, Milan

Presented by Kaleidoscope, “Nude” is Telfar Clemens’ first project in Italy. The 2017 Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund winner brings his democratic and genderless signature to Spazio Maiocchi in Milan.
The exhibition centers around a 30-feet-tall nude image of the designer by photographer Rob Kulisek surrounded by ten nude and genderless sculptures designed by American artist Frank Benson and manufactured by German state-of-the-art mannequin factory Penther Formes – an updated version of the iconic mannequins presented by TELFAR in the 2016 Berlin Biennale.
The show – on view until February 28th, 2017 – also features over the 3x6m billboard, a performance by South-African musical duo FAKA, and an exclusive limited-edition T-shirt.



Video by Alessio Costantino

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