Purple Art

[February 4 2014]

Strike(s) exhibition at Nahmad Contemporary, New York

Nahmad Contemporary is presenting an exhibition exploring the relationship between proto Arte Povera artists Alberto Burri, Cesár and Lucio Fontana and contemporary artists Dylan Lynch, Alex Perweiler, and Peter Sutherland. The works featured in Strike(s) transform a traditionally destructive act—starting a fire, crushing an object—into an art making technique or comment on the generative capability of those acts. Framing the result of violent actions on pristine materials, the works shift the conventional relationship between art and reality by making a physical action itself into the subject of a work of art. Created nearly five decades apart, the works function similarly in the way they force viewers to meditate on simple, everyday actions by imbuing them with artistic value. Strike(s) runs until March 1st at Nahmad Contemporary, 980 Madison Avenue, New York. Photo Bill Powers

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