Purple Art

[January 24 2014]

SPACE, a group exhibition, at the Sundance Film Festival, Utah

SPACE presents landscape photographs by Lee Friedlander, John Divola, Nan Goldin, Jack Pierson, Juergen Teller, Catherine Opie, Todd Hido, Peter Sutherland, Mike Brodie and Jim Mangan. The notion of space as a signifier of personal freedom has long been a defining component of the myth of the American West. SPACE is a consideration of classic landscape photography, and what it means as we increasingly interact with our surroundings via digital media. SPACE reflects how photography glorifies but also domesticates our environment, from Ansel Adams to #sunsetporn in our Instagram feeds. To quote Owen Wilson in Armageddon, “Dude, we’re in space. Not outer space… but SPACE.” The exhibition runs until February 15th during the Sundance Film Festival at 625 Main Street, Park City, Utah. Text and Photo Ken Miller

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