Purple Art

[January 30 2018]

Soft Baroque “Foamy Feeling” installation at MPavilion, Melbourne

Discover the work of Soft Baroque at this year’s MPavilion, commissioned by Naomi Milgrom Foundation. With “Foamy Feeling”, Soft Baroque created a site-specific furniture installation. Inflated by polyurethane foam and making themselves at home, these spread-eagled, soft entities mingle and serve the comfort of the audience. The ‘foamy’ entities become both inanimate spectator and participating performance member in Rem Koolhaas & David Gianotten of OMA’s amphitheatre-style pavilion. These in situ cast forms are an exercise in expressive furniture making and proposal for custom comfort solutions. A series of airtight membranes were filled with soft polyurethane expanding foam and slumped over the amphitheatre before curing.

Text and photo Saša Štucin

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