Purple Diary

[January 20 2024]

“SILK ROAD” launches at OFR Paris’ new space on Saturday, January 20th

SILK ROAD is a photographic monograph by Mali Marciano, photographed by Mark Borthwick, published by Le Kasha and OFR Paris and conceived by Beda Achermann. It traces the steps of the ancient Silk Route from the wilds of Mongolia through the deserts of Egypt all the way to the canals of Venice, Italy. Along their month-long pilgrimage, Borthwick turns his lens on Marciano herself within each landscape, revealing her creations for Le Kasha throughout the 3 chapters of their journey. The hardcover book is designed in an edition of 3 cover shades – sand, ochre, and burnt sienna – each representing one of the journey’s three distinct destinations. Through Borthwick‘s diaristic photography portfolio, Marciano reveals the peoples, rituals, natural and built environments that continue to inspire her, using the Silk Road as a through line for Le Kasha’s creative universe and origin story.

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